People are Patterns, So Are Cases . . . Hence, the Temptation of the ‘Flat’ Fee in a ‘Property’ Divorce

It’s been said that there’s nothing new under the sun.  Indeed, we tend to repeat ourselves at many levels, including in our relationships and conflicts.  Divorces and disputes over property also repeat in patterns.

But our lives definitely matter at the personal level.  We are individual souls traveling together.  But there’s also that very palpable and powerful relation which links us.  Our highly personal lessons and paths interlink with other souls and we somehow grow together in the mysterious dance of life . . . and the very real hurts and frustrations we share (and cause!) on the dance floor.

We know what moves us.  Those of us who practice in this area see profound similarities (when we’re watching).  At a crude level, your case is a ‘property’ case or a ‘kids’ case or both (that is, the issues relate to marital property or conservatorship of children).

Respectfully, I think I already know you . . . as you also know me.  There’s a limited universe to conflict and there’s a limited universe to what Family Courts do with our conflicts (and what lawyers do in litigating them).

So I’ll consider a flat fee for your divorce, but likely not your child custody case.  Kids bring too many wild cards into the fray, including lofty, racing emotions infecting everyone a little differently — from lawyers to judges to appointees to the little one who speaks privately with the judge in her chambers . . .

But trinkets and things don’t have emotions.  Ultimately, your collection is just that . . . stuff.  But that’s good news to those who seek certainty in knowing the financial risk in their property divorce.