Scott Boates

I solve problems in Texas Family Courts … often problems not solved by other lawyers.

I’m a family lawyer because family law is broad, deep, exciting and often complicated — just like our own families.  It’s also fulfilling to help people facing challenges in family court.

I’ve been divorced with a very young daughter (who is still my heart and soul!) and sympathize with every Mom and Dad who simply wants to protect and love their children … and guard that priceless, eternal bond.

The family structure is changing.  Our ideas about the family are also changing.  I’ve been a judge, but it’s not my role to judge anyone.  Instead, it’s my role to work harder and smarter than any other lawyer on your behalf.  Advocacy is what I prefer and working for you is what makes me want to come to work every day.   The most rewarding experiences in my life, except with my daughter, have come from helping parents protect their kids.

Happy Dads —

A client who’d paid child support for several years for a child who was not his was released from that burden through a successful Bill of Review on paternity.  Routinely, many of my Dad clients obtain or retain custody of their children.  Who says Dads can’t nurture?

Happy Moms —

Recently, a client who was a devoted, dedicated mother overcame a horrible stereotype to regain possession of her 6-month old child.  Likewise, many of my happiest Mom clients once thought that they’d been isolated from bank accounts and the capacity to hire a good lawyer.  But it just takes a dedicated, persistent lawyer to stand up to a bully and ask a court to enforce marital property law!  I enjoy being that lawyer.

Happy Families —

In a recent case, Clients raising an undocumented child since her birth successfully navigated international notice provisions to attain conservatorship and protection for their child.

In a pro bono case, a disabled client saved her home, along with the home of her disabled adult child, through combined persistent actions in both Probate Court and Civil District Court.

In another well-publicized pro bono case, a Client ‘without a country’ who struggled for a decade to navigate State and Federal courts finally attained documentation.

I Solve Problems

I enjoy solving problems because I grow in that process.  There are always mutual lessons for each of us in the journeys we share.   It’s my job to give you good counsel along the way.   As my client, you come to me for a reason, and I treat our relationship with the dignity inherent in the mystery of why we choose certain friends, teachers and counselors.

We find one another for a reason.

I’m nothing special.  But I do love my work, jealous mistress that she is.   I also remember that I come from good stock — we work in my family.  But (if you’re interested) I am the first lawyer, judge and would-be polico in my own family and I’m grateful to have been spoiled with those opportunities.

I want to give back … and help as much as I can.

I love the diversity of my clientele and the lessons you teach me along the way.  If there’s a journey for us to share, then let’s get going.

My Background:

  • Graduate:  University of Houston (1988)  and University of Houston Law Center (1991)
  • Licensed to practice law in Texas since Mayu 1, 1992
  • Mediator since 1999
  • Successfully argued before the Supreme Court of Texas in 2000
  • Associate Judge, City of Houston — 2005-2011
  • Certified as a Parenting Coordinator & Facilitator since 2014
  • Born in Sinton, Texas and grew up in Refugio and Corpus Christi. Graduate of Calallen High School (1982).  Student Senator, Student Senate Speaker and Student Body President at UH (1984-86).  My undergraduate degrees are Bachelor of Sciences in both Political Science and Psychology.
  • One child, Anna:   when my child breathed, God gave me new life.