Client Reviews


It is impossible to write a review that would sufficiently describe the type of attorney Scott is.  I hired him to handle an extremely difficult, daunting case in which two other attorneys not only failed to make any progress on, but went so far as to almost call my cause hopeless.

From the very beginning Scott expressed that justice is never a lost cause.  During the period of time that I retained his services, he exhibited uncommon empathy, character, honesty, integrity, creativity, intelligence, and technical proficiency.

I can’t explain everything that was done because I’m not an attorney , but his strategy and technical application of the law was such that, in the end, the Bill of Review succeeded in granting me full judicial relief.  The trial court vacated an unfair and unjust judgement, and I got my life back.

His performance reflects great credit upon himself, and I don’t believe I will ever be able to thank him enough.  If you need an attorney, hire this man-  you will not regret it.

Compassion and Reason

I have known Scott since we attended college together in the late 1980s. He has been my attorney since 2007, having counseled me at length on the details of will preparation and guardianship as it pertains to a special needs child. He also prepared legal documents for my elderly mother and brought them to her personally while she was in hospital so they could be executed. Scott has since provided outstanding legal assistance to a friend of mine recently widowed and facing an emergency situation as a single parent. Scott took up this case quickly and professionally and produced the appropriate legal documents very promptly. Because he consistently demonstrates a rare balance of compassion and reason, I have recommended him to many people and will continue to do so without reservation

- (5 star review)

Intelligent man

I was referred to Scott K. Boates by a Judges Assistant that said he is an intelligent man who likes to solve puzzles. After getting to know him, I learned that this is indeed true. He is a clear and thorough thinker with no hidden-agenda.  People with such character are needed in power-decision-making positions.


I was referred to Scott Boates by my father’s estate attorney. This estate case was very complicated and involved contesting the will of my deceased mother. The estate was a considerable amount. I went into this not knowing if I would get anything.

Scott Boates made me at ease our first meeting. He has an amazing capacity for taking challenges head on. This case was definitely a challenge dealing with my disfunctional family. My emotions were high after being caregiver for my mother who had Alzheimer’s and dementia for over a year. The only way I can describe my anger is raw. I had no idea my brother had changed her will to him being the sole beneficiary of a substantial estate my father and mother had worked their whole lives to acquire. I did not know until her passing. Of course once the changed will was examined there were so many loopholes in it I was in disbelief. I mention how my state of mind was only to let you know Mr. Boates was dealing with a highly energized angry man.

My hope is to benefit anyone out there who may be in a similar situation and you trust your siblings and think all is in order. Take the time to check it out. Once Alzheimer’s and dementia set in there is nothing you can do. You need to protect your parents in some cases. In my case, Scott Boates saved my mother from being sentenced to a nursing home. She had adequate income to live in her own home and sleep in her own bedroom. Even though the horrible disease took over her mind , her dignity and privacy and personal care were my upmost concerns. Thanks to Scott I was able to take my mother out of the nursing home, which horrified her, and bring her home for her remaining days.

I cannot empathize enough the emotional state of mind I was in. Scott Boates literally took me by the hand and took over. He accessed all angles of the case. Scott Boates is a calm man with a big stick and stays knowledgeable with new trends. To say he is exceptional doesn’t quite make it. To me he was more than that. He truly got into the challenge with his heart and soul. He cared and empathized with the situation by taking action, not just words and a bill.

We were able to settle through mediation. It turned out unbelievably favorable. Scott Boates has an uncanny way of communicating and is able to turn tables in a blink of an eye. This was a life changing experience for me after losing my mother. I do not know how I would have gotten through it all without his knowledge and strength and empathy. He made the whole stressful legal time table as painless as possible. Scott communicated with me and handled issues like a dear trusted friend would.

Needless to say, I feel very confident in recommending Scott Boates, especially for complicated deep cases. Scott Boates is highly regarded by his peers and highly feared by his adversaries. Absolutely outstanding attorney! I am thankful my deceased father’s estate attorney recommended him.

God bless you Scott , and thank you from my soul. You turned an impossible situation into an amazing outcome. I would also like to mention Mr. Boates was dealing with difficult adversaries and he blew them out of the water. Mr Boates is nothing but amazing!

- (5 star review)


For me the custody part was the hardest, but Scott wasn’t just a lawyer he was a friend and a counselor through what felt like the most dramatic time in my life. He helped me stay focused on my goal which is my son. Two thumbs up…

- (5 star review)


Scott Boates did an AMAZING job for me in my divorce settlement.  He was my second lawyer.  He knew what he was doing, took control and reversed a bad situation.  But I most appreciated that he actually answered my emails and returned my calls (even at 3 a.m.!).  He has a great staff but it mattered to me that I actually spoke to THE PERSON in charge of my future! I have given his name to 2 friends and I will always be thankful for his work.

- (5 star review)

Great Lawyer

I worked with Scott Boates in 2014 and have referred several friends to him. He was prepared and thorough at hearings, two mediations and trial and always had a game plan. It worked! He loves what he does and it shows.

- (5 star review)


Scott Boates is a wonderful custody lawyer. He helped me get my children back and won every big issue against lawyers my ex husband paid LOT more for! He always returned my emails and got me ready to testify to the judge. His paralegal was always on top of the case and very nice to work with. Scott and his staff obviously care about clients and not just their fees!

- (5 star review)

Smart, Diligent and Creative Lawyer

I hired Scott Boates to defend against a lien filed on real estate. He made a few phone calls, sent a demand letter and a countersuit and settled it all in a few days. He was aggressive and diligent and is one of the most creative attorney’s I’ve met. I’ve known many lawyers and worked in the industry. Scott’s the right trial lawyer for complicated matters which require research, creativity and a well-planned counter punch.

- (5 star review)

Good Aggressive Trial Lawyer

Scott Boates defended a lawsuit which claimed that I was negligent in lending an automobile. But I did not own the automobile. Not only did Scott help me get out of the lawsuit, at trial the plaintiff was awarded a few bucks against the other defendant because Boates showed that the Plaintiff caused most of his own injuries.  He was very prepared, thorough and aggressive.

- (5 star review)

Great lawyer

Scott Boates helped us twice with legal advice. He did an excellent job and we would use him again. He was thorough and reassuring. We would recommend him to others.

- (5 star review)

An Attorney that truly cares

Scott has helped me with wills and a divorce. I have referred him to friends here in the office who have used him and have been very satisfied with the results. He is very knowledgeable and truly cares about his clients.

- (5 star review)