Firm Overview

What We Do:

  • Divorces involving conflict over children, property or both
  • Child Custody
  • Modification of prior court Orders
  • Enforcement of court Orders
  • Adoptions
  • Registration & Modification of Foreign/ Out of State Orders
  • Premarital and Marital Agreements (Pre-Nups & Post-Nups)

Our Pledge:

Customer service matters to us.  We strive to deliver the highest quality Family Law counsel in a professional, approachable and common sense manner.  We focus on results and people, not billing and fees.

We know that we serve individuals who come to us under profoundly stressful circumstances … because we’ve been there ourselves.

To Our Clients:

We are accessible and return calls and email.  When you sign up with this law firm, you meet with Scott Boates;   he goes to court for you;  and he personally approves everything filed on your behalf.  

Your case has a strategy, our actions are deliberate and there’s nothing random about what we do.  We think about you, your family and your children.  You keep us awake at night and we’re glad to lose sleep for you.  We work hard for you and earn your trust.  

To Colleagues:

Our interaction with colleagues is respectful and professional.  We respect the skill and knowledge  of our opponents, but we don’t fear any other lawyer or law firm.  We research, prepare, deliberate and show up ready to work, regardless of who else is in the court room.

To Courts:

We pledge:   1. hard work;   2.  civility;   and 3. candor.


2 Life Rules to Remember in Family Court:

These 2 rules were taught to me by a better, smarter lawyer:

1.  the cooperative parent wins in family court, not the bully or the gossip;  and

2.  work to let go of your anger — you can’t drink poison and expect it will kill someone else.


Lawyers are the backbone to a free, civil society.  We represent clients within the bounds of law and professional ethics.  Neither the legal system nor society are well-served when lawyers confuse our loyalty.    Our role is clear to us:

  • We’re Attorneys & Counselors at Law — not judges, mental health professionals or social climbers;
  • We’re guided by principle and driven by the desire to deliver the highest quality legal services;  and
  • At this law firm, we prepare, we perform and we love doing so.