Mediation is a method for reaching the resolution of a dispute that all parties can agree to; solutions are mutually satisfying. Many clients call upon the experienced Houston Mediation Lawyers at Boates Law to resolve their legal matters using mediation. This technique can be less costly than going to court and it can help relieve what can be a profoundly stressful situation. Mediation is used to creatively solve legal issues in many areas, including divorce, contract disputes and business matters.

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At Boates Law Attorney Scott K. Boates works with clients to provide aggressive and creative legal representation. They believe that the best defense is a strong offense and approach litigation like war, using war counsel. Serving clients statewide, Scott follow the standards of the Golden Rule, doing for clients as he would want their own lawyers to do for himself. He is focused on providing hard work, dedication and candor to clients as they help clients meet specific goals.

Houston Mediation Lawyers

For many disputes, Houston Mediation Lawyer Scott K. Boates is called upon to act as a neutral mediation facilitator. He helps clients reach mutually satisfactory agreements that are binding or non-binding, as their clients prefer. Binding mediation settles the dispute with a signed contract, while non-binding mediation does leave the door open for future progress into a courtroom. Mediation is cost-effective and less traumatic than a full courtroom legal fight; it reduces the stressful situation for each party in the dispute.

Other legal matters satisfied clients bring to Boates Law include:

  • Family Law issues
  • Estate matters
  • Guardianship
  • Trust litigation

Mediation Specialists

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